Decorated turkish bows

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Clean, simple and nicely done Jere. You can decorate any bow of mine, any time!!

Thanks Ken. Good that not all the small “details” weren’t picked by the camera. :smiley: I plan to do more decorating during winter. Its pretty relaxing.

We always see our ‘mistakes’ but others seldom do…

Here is few more bows i finished this summer/fall.
Black is 112cm and 63# @ 28", red is 108cm and 66# @ 27". However i think i have shot the red one with longer draw also.

The bows have a little different configuration, red one has longer and straighter kasans.

Really nice work there Jere!! I like the red one a bit more too.

Thanks again! I kinda like the red more too… but its a bit too heavy for comfortable shooting. I’m practicing, but its somehow annoying that shooting technique breaks down too easily resulting in very inaccurate shooting. :sweat_smile: And i need to take part in competition soon in the spring! Maybe its not that bad, more training is just needed…

Beautiful tiller Jere. I wish my bows looks like this :smiley:

Thank you. They will be, all you need is practice. :smiley: The glassfiber bow seemed just fine!