Durability on horn/bone points

Hi, I am considering making a set of ottoman ish tapered target arrows. And it would be cool to have bone or horn points, made in the similar way as on flight arrows. Does anyone have any experience on how the durability is for shooting at different modern archery targets? Thinking maybe 8mm shaft tapered to 5-6 mm, shot from a 40# synthetic Turkish Simsek bow. I am worried about the point it self and also that I’ll taper the shaft to thin so that it brakes below the point on impact.
(btw nice forum Jere!)

Welcome Ole!

I don’t have experience with target arrows with natural points, but i’ve been thinking of making such set of arrows too.

They are fancy, but i bet fragile also. I would guess the tip shatters rather than breaks behind the tip as metal points. IF it hits a rock or metal.
When i shoot indoor, the distance is small (18m) and target big (150x150) so there is never any reason to break a point. Outdoor the distances are long, but if the shooting place is fixed - you don’t have wood/metal frames exposed, no rocks in the ground - then it should work.

I guess I’ll just have to make some test arrows and see how they do. I have a moose leg that I am going to use for the points