Facebook down, atarn forum up

I was about to search arrow FOC discussion from facebook (sadly), but i noticed the whole website is down. Oh well. I might as well go see atarn old forum, or then read my recent book purchase “way of archery”. Its good we still have sources 24/7 availability not relying on powers we can’t control. :slight_smile:

Think if the actuall power is gone :rofl:

FB and Instagram were “compromised” for several hours yesterday…

Am I the only one who can’t see any photos on this forum ??

No, there is some problem. It will be fixed soon.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve been working on some bows and haven’t been active here recently.

Btw: Why did you have to do it in this topic? :smiley: Haha…

I just didn’t want to create bew topic :smiley: I thought it was only my problem.

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I meant that this topic was supposed to show forum superiority!! Just joking. Our it-guy will fix it hopefully soon.