High reflex flightbows

I decided to just go for it and increase reflex. Well Ivar was the devil recommending it!!
Guess i really need to do my best now to keep them from failing.
3pcs extreme (106-108cm)
3pcs “normal” (108-112cm)

And few target bows. Recycled horn in some and new horn in some. All pieces of wood are maple.

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that’s what I call proper core… they all in Maple?

Thanks, yes all my harvested maple. All grips are maple too but there is few with kiln dried plank maple handles.

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all we got are kiln dried Maple plank here in Indonesia… that’s way I’m using bamboo, it’s abundant and readily although must utilize separate part for the siyah… I’ve read somewhere in old Atarn forum that traditionally, all Ottoman bow always in 3 parts, that might what ideal for this model… but I’ve seen some senior hornbowyers use 5 parts in their build…

There is some local limitations… However what i’ve heard, kiln dried wood isn’t that bad. Buying wood is another cost yeah, and many times cutting your own lets you source the wood better.
I actually have plans to make one/two bows out of kiln dried, just out of interest.

Its true turkish and tatar bows were 3-part bows, but there is no harm using 5 pieces. :slight_smile: No need to be overly strict about it.