How many horn bows have you made?

So, how many functional (shootable) horn bows have you made so far? Only fully natural material bows are counted, so no epoxy glued, or so on.

  • Zero (but I have started one or more…)
  • 1–2
  • 3–5
  • 6–10
  • 11–20
  • 20–50
  • more (really?!)…

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Please tell also something about your bows.

I have made just one turkish bow, 66# @ 26", mass 437 grams, shot arrow 308 meters with 24" and three finger draw, so maybe there is more potential meters. Second, better bow is under construction.

There are some recognized horn bowyers, like @Björn and others – how many bows?

I have made about 20-21 bows. But only 11 are alive now. A lot of effort was wasted, it is what it is. Nowadays i don’t have any fears of breaking a bow, since i’ve seen all possible problems.
I’ve made mostly turkish bows, but also some other types.

first one: egyptian angular bow, shooting fine
second one: based on hungarian, tried a lot different stuff for learning, broke twice, trying to repair
third one: angular just started
forth one: scythian, just started