Korean laminated warbow

Here are some photos from my first laminated bow build . The bow is now 90% complete. It has about 100 pounds for a 30.5 inch draw. 48 inch nock to nock.

1. Making wood lamination.
I used wood for guitar necks. Great for 1/2 of the limb. Then butt jointed in the middle.

2. Making form
Probably the hardest part of making laminated bow.

Straightening the form.

3. Gluing and curing on the radiator (35-40C)
I used versamid140 without heatbox.

4. First stringing and tillering

5. And worst part of bowbuilding finishing ( Not completed) .

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Very cool bow! Please show a draw picture when its possible. The profile is looking a lot better than most fg bows!

Thank you. I have only video from tiller tree for now.
Bamboo shafts are on the way, so I will post video from shooting a chrono test soon.

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Without wooden handle it can be drawn to 31 inches (104 pound ) So I guess cork would be better option.