Leather thinning machine

I recently bought this cheap leather thinning device through aliexpress. Cost was only 70 euros, since its so simplistic. Professional machines go far past 1000e.
Build quality is good, machine is full metal and it can actually give good cuts, if the blade is sharp and you use good technique. For 5cm wide strips the lowest i could go was 0,3mm. But maybe more even cut and still thin was 0,35mm.
I highly recommend, if 0,35mm is sufficient for backing a bow.
The leather that i split here was 1mm calf leather. I’m planning to cover some turkish bows with the leather.

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Thanks for the tip, I was planning to use a drum sander. Probably stupid Idea.

I have used a normal table top sander for the sidestrips. Works fine, you dont need such consistency for thickness. But wider pieces must become hard to manage…