Mongol bow 136cm ntn 55@28"

My another try in laminated bow making. This one is much better then my first korean. It has 55 pounds but thanks to the siyahs it feels like 40.

Arrow speed is cca 180fps at 10gpp and 190fps with 9gpp.


Wow, you could have a business selling this style of bow! I wonder what the cost of labour would be though. :smiley:
But if someone wanted a original conquest bow, yhis would be it.


Beautiful looking bow

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RIP Mongol bow. Today it’s exploded during draw. I noticed there was a small piece of foil between the lams. The crack started right at that place.

Ouch. This was encased in fiberglass, right? Literally foil in between lams, aluminium foil? :smiley:

Yes it was between layers. It was plastic foil wrap that I used during the glue up.

Too bad! Now that you know what went wrong, go do it right this time! :woozy_face:

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