My first turkish horn bow

this is my first turkish horn bow, materials: black locust handle, bamboo arms and mulberry sijah. mouflon horns, deer tendons and hide glue. ntn length 108cm and approximately 45lbs by 28 inches,it has one weak point but it still works. I have a lot of time to make more and better bows, because I am 15 years old, some of bowyer started much later and create great is a link for more photos Redirecting...


Cool! Keep on making bows. If your first bow looks like that, you will get far with the hobby. :slight_smile:

thanks, I have a question about bending wood, so far most of the wood that was bent was a failure, I’m thinking of buying veritas strips and then I’d finally have a thicker core because so far I’ve been using bamboo which bends easily but is thin, max 1 cm, which makes it difficult to stick Horn. What wood do you use for turks, sugar maple? I have a field or regular maple cut down, I’m not sure yet, and in the winter I may cut down a sycamore maple

I use sugar maple at the moment. Its best to find the heaviest/strongest maple you can get. Veritas band is good but you might have good luck with also just steam bending fresh cut wood. Fresh wood bends a lot easier.

If you have long horn that goes all the way to tip, you can have core wood only of 13mm thick. Horn would add 2mm of thickness to kasan and total 15mm would be plenty for even heavy turkish bow of 105-110cm.
For tips you can always add a small lamination to bring thickness to 16mm+.