Shaping composite cores

I would have liked to have the manchu bows here but its *****ng winter in Finland. Its cold, its dark and its dry. When snow hits the ground, its impossible to glue any horn. Its just too dry for the glue to dry in a gentle matter. So what happens it gets voids, shrinks so violently. Now the manchu’s will wait for spring.

But also its hard to get pictures with proper lighting since there is no sun… But i will try to get some close ups when i groove the cores just before sinewing.

Weights are from 210 to 350 grams. Flight bows i try to get 210-220 grams at this point. Final weight goal is somewhere 250-290 grams. Then a light arrow flies well!
Longer turkish and ct’s will end up somewhere 350-450 grams. This patch will be lighter bows for target use (50-70), but for flight bows it would be nice to get 80 and 90 pounders.