Size of V-Splice?

How long should a v-spice be in relation to its base width? 1.5 x base width? 2 x base width? Enquiring minds want to know. is there a standard? or do you just make it up as you go?

My splices are always 10cm/4" long. No matter the width and is it a grip or tip splice.

Tip splices for the Turkmenistan bow that Lehner Matthias posted on the FB page. Central limb is a single thick strip of bamboo with reflexed outer tips of wood. Whole thing wrapped in cloth. No horn or sinew. The wooden tips total about 300 mm long.

I have the 910mm bamboo, and pieces of mulberry to make the 190mm “kasans” and 120mm “siyahs”

Turkmenistan 7-piece

I don’t know, works fine for me.

Got it – see above. I didn’t realize that “upload” was the photo/file insert function… Guess I wasn’t awake.

Ah, i saw it too in fb.

What helps the joint a lot is that it is fully enclosed in sinew and horn. When you don’t have a horn belly to secure the belly side, you might need a) longer joint b) more thickness where the joint is c) have a strong sinew wrapping.

I have had an wood-sinew bow break from grip joint. No wrapping could save it. 4" joint and sinew wrapping wasn’t enough. But those joints (in your picture) are not where the most bending happens.

I see they really wanted to use the bamboo… If they had some other wood, they could have just profiled the bow with heat and not make so many joints to add thickness in kasan and tip.