Toothed scrapers

Here is my choice for grooving. Normal toothed plane blades worked into convex/concave. These create a 1x1mm grooving and are easy to sharpen. Perfect! Sometimes i would like to have bigger grooves, but these shave horn or wood so easily that i haven’t paid extra time to find a different way.

What is concavity/convexity of the scrapers? Do you have different shapes for different kind of bows, style or design?

Actually this picture might be little old. But same brand scraper, now i have deepened the concavity and its 3mm at the moment. The bows seem fine with it, however i would like to have even more…
With wide bow this 3mm might be ok, but maybe with narrow 25-30mm bow more is desirable?
Basically what i am looking for is to have the wood completely encased with horn, but not so much that you see horn from the backside. That the wood is base for sinew back. I don’t know how Ivar or others do it though…