Turkish core, 7 piece construction

Hello, I’m trying to make my first turkish composite bow but I really have problem to find long enough piece of maple. Can I use V splice joint in the kassan eye section ? I know that there is a little bend at full draw. Do you think that glue joint in that area would work ?

Hi. I would recommend trying to find long enough piece to have sal+ kasan eye from one piece. You would need only 35cm piece for this.
I don’t have experience splicing the core at kasan eye. It might work too.

You want the sal and the kasan eye as all one piece. Splice above or below that; but not at the eye.

I think it’s better to avoid any splice on kassan-eye, because that part have some flex toward full-draw, maybe you can splice at half-section of the kassan or base of the siyah which is static…

but I believe the traditional method for Ottoman is 3pieces construction, so it’s might better done that way whenever possible… cmiiw

Finally after one month of searching I found maple for at least 5 piece core. And I live almost in the forest :smiley:

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Looks like a good start! Good luck.

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Steam bending was successfull. But next time, I should use longer piece for kasan/tip bend, at least 30cm, for easier bending. Of course my hands totally forget how to use clamps, when I was in hurry :smiley: