New maple cores

Flight bows (menzil) 106-108cm

Tatar 120-135cm

Puta/tirkes bows 114-120cm

Manchu 164cm ntn. Tip to tip 174cm.

Got some good starts there Jere. Good luck on the builds!


I hope the manchu is a success. I have also a scythian core on the works, that is a new territory too.

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Hey @ReneR here are some measurements for you. These are measured along the belly. But it gets you pretty accurate measure compared to a finnished bow along the back.
Longer one will be something like 133cm long, shorter 115-120cm. 18mm thick core and 36mm wide at this point.

thanks mate, you have been busy :wink:

No problem. Yeah, what else there is to do…:smiley:

Had quite a job to groove all these. But it was fun. Some podcasts running and remember to sharpen the tools often. :smiley:

Next phase is gluing the horn… Many layers if glue, then scrape the glue smooth and finally wrap with rope and tencik.
I really like the shape of the new turks.