Ole's arrows

I have tried to make a set of turkish inspired arrows. 8mm shaft tapered to about 6mm at the tips, and slightly tapered towards the nock end. Nocks are made with an exotic wood (mahogny?). Fletchings glued and then secured at front an back with sinew. The tips are made from moose bone. Havent tried them yet, but will try this weekend. Next time i think I will try to make the nocks even more “snap on”, first time making this style of nock.


how do you make the hole for the tips? I tried freehand

I used a drill to make a 3mm hole in a piece of bone. Then I used a file to make a small 3mm rod at the tip of the wooden shaft. And then glued it together.

The same as I have done on the flight arrow in this picture:

Hmm couldn’t upload picture now. I’ll try again later from my computer

Fine work on our arrows! I have two questions: what kind of feathers did you use and would you please describe or show photos of your nock making process? Your nocks are eye-catching!